AERQUADRI, Via Ravenna 14, I – 00161 ROMA, Italy

Federmanager, Via Ravenna 14, I – 00161 Roma, Italy

CFE – CGC TRANSPORT, 59 rue du rocher, 75008 – Paris, France

Danish Engineers’ Association, Sankt Annæ Plads 16, 1250 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Executive board:

Philippe Queune

General Secretary
Innocenzo D’Emiliano

Claire Hèléne Lucas

Treasurer deputy
Pierre Maupoint de Vandeul

Vice President Road
Patrick Thomann

Vice President Maritime
Søren Nim Larsen

Vice President Air (civil aviation)
Stefania Golinelli

Vice President Logistic Sector
Carlo Mearelli

Vice President Railway Sector

Robert SAEZ

 Vice President urban transport

Claire Niclause



Created in 1970, the International Federation of Transport Executives (FICT) is an association of managers and professional organizations of executives in the fields of transport. It covers all sectors of transport activities such as: rail, road, maritime, air, urban and multimodal platforms

The seat of the FICT is in Paris,

The FICT is made up of organizations from different European countries (associations, unions) of executives in the transport sector and has more than six thousand members.

To date, these member organizations are based in France, Denmark and Italy. Most of these organizations are signatories to conventions in their countries.



The FICT represents the interests of executives working in transportation. It intervenes in the negotiations related to transport, whether in joint structures or in meetings related to the regulatory evolution of transport

It studies all issues related to different transport sectors such as technical developments, safety, economic, social and environmental aspects.

The FICT establishes contacts with other social partners, organizations or institutional collaborators, such as the European Union (through the European Commission), as well as politicians.

She participates in meetings organized by various international organizations.


The FICT is a force of proposal taking into account the evolutions of the transport professions. The scope of the FICT does not stop at the gates of Europe. Its field of action is global.